OntoPortal Administration Documentation

Managing Your System

The OntoPortal Virtual Appliance requires some routine operational monitoring, occasional troubleshooting or corrective actions (more often if heavily used), and occasional tasks at very infrequent intervals. In this section we describe how to perform these tasks for the Appliance.
Monitoring Operations
Ways to monitor the OntoPortal Appliance
Routine Administrative Operations
Performing routine tasks in the OntoPortal system
Scheduled Maintenance
OntoPortal tasks you might want to do every so often
Search Index Management
Operations on the solr search index
Annotator Management
Operations on the solr search index
Google Analytics Management
Setting up Google Analytics tracking for your Appliance
Troubleshooting Operations
Solving problems with the Appliance
Appliance Upgrade
Procedure for upgrading Appliance to new version
ncbo-cron Reference
Advanced information about ncbo-cron
Solr Reference
Advanced information about Solr
4store Reference
Advanced information about 4store
SPARQL Endpoint Reference
About the OntoPortal SPARQL endpoint
Triple Store Rebuild Reference
Advanced information about rebuilding the triple store