OntoPortal Administration Documentation

Installation Steps

Installing OntoPortal software requires a number of steps, which may vary depending on your target platform. The standard OntoPortal Virtual Appliance steps are described in more detail below, beginning with an overview of the Appiance. Steps that are specific to a target platform will contain that platform name.
Getting Started
First steps toward installing the Virtual Appliance
Initial Installation
First steps to install your appliance
Initial Configuration
Configuring settings after installation
Advanced Configuration
Configuring more advanced settings
Enable HTTPS
Enable HTTPS
Registration Process
How to register your Appliance
Setting Up Tools
Configuring the various OntoPortal tools
Branding Customizations
Configuring OntoPortal for your own project
Troubleshooting Installations
Figuring out why your installation didn't work
Virtualization Environments
How to use the OVF image with your virtualization software
AllegroGraph Configuration
Configuring your system to run AllegroGraph