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Welcome to the OntoPortal Appliance Administration Guide

This is the official installation and maintenance documentation for OntoPortal Virtual Appliance 3.0. You can find general information about the OntoPortal Virtual Appliance and its installation process, including descriptions of the installation steps as well as managing ontologies.

To learn how to use a running OntoPortal Virtual Appliance, please visit the existing user documentation for BioPortal, or the documentation generated at your running appliance(found at https://{my_appliance_hostname}/documentation).

The OntoPortal Virtual Appliance is provided by the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research and the OntoPortal Alliance. The documentation for the current release (Release 3.0.0) focuses on system administration of the Appliance. In coming months, working with the OntoPortal Alliance, we will add documentation on how to use the OntoPortal Virtual Appliance. We will also add information about the OntoPortal Alliance—how it collaborates to maintain the Appliance and how you can help.

You are welcome to make pull requests for improvements to this documentation, or to submit your questions to the support list at

Table of contents