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Submit new ontologies

In order to publish a ontology, you need to sign up for an account. Logged in users can navigate to the Browse page and click the Submit New ontology button. The submission form requires to fill out some metadata about the submitted ontology as shown below:

  • Name: name of the ontology.
  • Acronym: ontology acronym (NOTE: It is not possible to change the ontology acronym afterwards).
  • Administrators: the owners of the resource. Only registered users can be added as administrators of the ontology.
  • Viewing restriction: choose if the submitted resource is public (all users, even unregistered users, can see it) or private.
  • Categories: select the categories to which the resource belongs to improve the search tools.
  • Groups: select the groups to which the resources belong. Groups associate ontologies from the same project or organisation, for better identification of the provenance
  • View: check “this ontology is a view of” to create a new ontology as a view of a ontology selected from the drop-down field.

Check the “Subscribe to email notifications for new notes” box to receive updates from users of the community.

Wizard for the submission of a new ontology

Once the form is completed, click on the “Create ontology” button in order to generate the summary page of the ontology and move to the “Add new submission” page to enter the metadata. Switch off the “Required only” button to see all the metadata fields or, keep it on to fill just mandatory fields.

Wizard for adding a new for ontologies Once the is submitted, users can immediately access the metadata, whereas the classes/properties indexing takes place asynchronously and it might be scheduled overnight. The whole submission should be completed by the next day (Pacific Time); if not, please send an email to the support team.