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Registration Process

The Registration Process is named for the action of filling out the form on the License Registration page. It includes obtaining and entering the Appliance ID, using it to get approval for your license, and entering the license certificate into your OntoPortal Virtual Appliance.

Your Appliance operates normally for an initial trial period, displaying a reminder to all users that registration will be needed.

Filling out the registration form

To fill out the registration form, visit the License Registration page. Log in using your BioPortal user name and password; the form will automatically complete your account information. You can complete all the information except the Appliance ID before having an operational Appliance.

A key field in filling out the license registration is the organization type. Different licensing terms may apply to commercial organizations; these will be contacted with more information once their registration is submitted.

If you have multiple deployed Appliances, you must request a separate license for each Appliance. The license is associated to the Appliance ID for the Appliance, which is unique for every Appliance.

Obtaining and providing the Appliance ID

To obtain your Appliance ID, visit the License tab of the Administration page for your Appliance. (This would be at the URL http://{my-appliance-hostname}/admin#licensing.)

You can see the Appliance ID in text on that page. Copy it for use in the next step.

Entering Appliance ID and completing registration form

Once you have the Appliance ID, put this information into your registration form. Once all required fields are complete, click on the Request License button.

You should receive a notification by email that your request has been submitted. The email is sent to the email address entered into the form.

OntoPortal operations team will review your request as quickly as possible, and contact you if any additional information is needed. When your license request is approved, you will receive another email notification containing a link to access your license.

Obtaining and entering the license certificate

You can visit the License Registration site to see the status of your license request(s), or to copy the issued license certificate. The page will show all the licenses issued under your BioPortal account name, including licenses that are expired. The sorting and filtering controls let you find the most recent licenses, or only approved or pending license requests.

Find the row that corresponds to your Appliance ID. If the license request is approved, you will be able to view the license certificate. Copy the license certificate using the Copy button, or select and copy the text using your computer’s Copy command.

Go the Administrative page of your Virtual Appliance. Click on the Licenses tab, and click on the Renew License button. Paste your license key into the empty box and click on Submit. If your license key is valid, you will see a notification of its update.

Once a valid license certificate is entered, no license warnings or errors should be visible at the top of Appliance pages, until the new license nears its expiration date.