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Ontoportal Architecture

Ontoportal architecture

Ontoportal is a multilayer application composed with the following components

  1. Frontend Architecture
    1. User Interface
    2. Backend API Client
  2. Backend Architecture
    1. API controller
    2. Backend models
    3. Goo (Graph Oriented Objects)

Frontend Architecture

Frontend architecture

User Interface

A Ruby on Rails application that implement all our UI views and behaviors

Find its code here:

Backend API Client

It’s a Ruby API client for the UI, that converts ruby code in the UI project to an HTTP call for the backend API

Find its code here:

Find its documentation here:

Backend Architecture

Backend architecture

API controller

Provides a RESTful interface/server for accessing Ontoportal, it is in this component that we found all the routes/endpoints that can be called, e.g /ontologies to display all the ontology or /search to search for a term in the portal.

Find its code here:

Find its documentation here: go you_appliance_ip:8080/documentation (e.g

Backend models

Represent our Model layer and define all our Models (e.g Ontology, Class, User,..) and with their corespondent Services and Concerns, like Ontology processing or User Authentification.

Find its code here:

Goo (Graph Oriented Objects)

Goo is a Ruby library that provides ORM-alike capabilities to interact with RDF/SPARQL backends. Goo provides a DSL for defining schemas for objects and controls how they get validated, serialized, saved and retrieved from the triplestore.

Find its code here:

Find its documentation here: